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Marketing strategy

  • Go-to-market workshop: create a blueprint to successfully enter a new market
  • Sparring partner program: validate ideas, discuss complex, intellectual, strategic issues with a senior marketing expert in an atmosphere defined by partnership and maximum confidentiality
  • Marketing strategy review: get better and faster results with the resources you already have (goals, KPIs, structure, processes, content, channels).
  • Organizational setup:  we review the structure of your marketing organization against output requirements and provide recommendations for efficiency gains
  • Marketing planning and budgeting: develop a blueprint for a cyclical marketing planning and budgeting process tailored to the available resources and your business goals
  • Branding review and workshop: a program dedicated to establishing and/or improving branding, with a special focus on brand architecture, narrative, brand performance management and product naming
  • Communication strategy workshop: we review internal and external communications and outline a structured framework
  • Franchise kick start workshop: evaluate expansion options from network building to operations
Marketing strategy
Artificial Intelligence in marketing

Digital marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence: Identifying the AI tools and processes that can best support your marketing activities. Training your teams on how to use them.
  • Process digitalization workshop: reviewing current resources against commercial goals of your organization, and identifying efficiency gains through digitalization from marketing automation to lead scoring
  • Hybrid events workshop: reviewing current recourses and requirements and establishing a blueprint for creating impactful hybrid events
  • Lead generation review and workshop: reviewing existing lead generation processes and developing a tailor made roadmap for an improved commercial impact
  • Digital channel audit: reviewing digital channel setup and performance, developing actionable recommendations for improved reach and efficiency

Content marketing

  • Content strategy workshop: developing a content structure blueprint, tailored to the buyer journey of your typical customer for maximum impact
  • Campaign development workshop: developing a process tailored to your existing organizational and budgetary situation for creating content and efficiently bringing it to the market
  • Value proposition workshop: identifying and formulating the unique selling points for your products and services for impactful communication
  • Content support: testimonials, videos, articles, you name it
  • Content audit: reviewing communication materials and developing an actionable list of recommendations for more coherence and impact
Artificial Intelligence dunking
Marketing process

Marketing processes

  • Customer experience audit: reviewing what customers are experiencing when doing business with your company, developing actionable recommendations for improving upselling, recurring business and customer satisfaction
  • Prospect experience audit: reviewing the journey of potential buyers experiencing bits and pieces of your touchpoints and external communication, developing actionable recommendations for an improved hit rate
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Shopper experience audit: reviewing the shopping experience of your e-commerce channel and developing actionable recommendations for an improved turnover



Pricing workshop: reviewing positioning and indentifying the most efficient pricing strategy

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