Website built with AI

The other morning, I created a website with the help of AI (my mad AI) is a fictional website from the future, where AI has already proven to be better than humans in everything, so all the work is done by AI. "My mad AI" offers consulting services by AI, for AI...

(14th of April 2023.)

The "triumph"​ of technology neutrality

Why was it utterly pointless to torpedo the EU's 2035 ban on ICE car sales? And what are these e-fuels anyway? The facts in a nutshell.

(25th of March 2023)

Are electric vehicles better?

"...but EVs are better for the environment."
"Nah, if the electricity is not generated by renewables, it is all the same."

I had this conversation and decided to make a short video about the facts.

By Barnabas Szantho

How to structure your global B2B marketing organization?

Starting at one of my former marketing leadership roles at a global B2B company, I kicked off with the usual exercise. I talked to all the regional sales and marketing leaders to see how we are doing and what the major pain points for those in charge for local delivery are. It very quickly became clear, that we had a structural problem in global marketing...

(The article was published on 28th of January 2023 on Marconomy, Germany's leading B2B marketing portal.)

Artificial Intelligence in 2023, with a twist

I sat down to chat with Artificial Intelligence to see what it can do for me today. Read its answers below and get scared and / or excited.

(The article was published on 17th of January 2023 on LinkedIn, well before any related announcements from Microsoft or Google.)

How to start with lead scoring? A discussion with practical examples

When does it make sense to introduce lead scoring and what should one focus on during implementation? Listen to the podcast interview about the implementation of a process that generated hundreds of millions of Euros in opportunities per year. The discussion is in German, but feel free to make use of the free consultation if you have questions on the topic.

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