The other morning, I created a website with the help of AI

by Barnabas Szantho

(14th of April 2023)

Website built with AI (my mad AI) is a fictional website from the future, where AI has already proven to be better than humans in everything, so all the work is done by AI. “My mad AI” offers consulting services by AI, for AI…

But the point is that a few months ago, when I launched tända, it took me several days to build this website for it. Now, with AI tools, took me 2-3 hours tops, and that was only because I was playing around with mixing input from different systems. I could have done it in a few minutes. And while the two sites are different in complexity, the list below is still impressive:

  • The logo was created by AI (ok, I enhanced it a bit in Photoshop, but that’s all).
  • None of the pictures are real, they were all created by AI.
  • All text was written by AI (I only deleted stuff when AI was too chatty)
  • I didn’t write any code
  • It took me 2-3 hours
  • It cost me 0 EUR
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