About the founder

Over the past twenty years, I have worked in various regional and global marketing management positions for some of the world’s largest corporations, such as Vestas, Shell and General Motors. Of those 20 years, I spent more than a decade in the energy and automotive industry, and led marketing organizations with 50+ FTEs and managed 8-figure EUR budgets. My career has taken me to 4 different countries, most recently to Germany. I’m a frequent speaker at major sales and marketing events, a guest lecturer at Germany’s top business university and a regular contributor to the trade press.

In 2022 I founded tända, a consulting firm dedicated to providing marketing advice to renewable energy and eMobility companies. There is significant potential if these companies apply the same proven strategies, latest tactics and technologies as global market leaders. The best practices that I witnessed and applied over the past 20 years can be scaled and tailored to individual business needs. And this is exactly what tända does. Taking the time to figure out where your pain points are and help you solve those.

Barnabas Szantho


Industry know-how

More than a decade experience in the energy & automotive industries


Acknowledged speaker

Speaking at major sales and marketing events


Multicultural skillset

Worked and lived in 4 different countries

Mannheim University

academic experience

Guest lecturing at Germany’s No. 1 business school

International expertise

I was fortunate to gain my professional experience in a variety of marketing management roles at some of the largest corporations.

Born in Heidelberg, available worldwide

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